Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile

miercuri, 24 octombrie 2012

My beauty list

This products that u will see are my faves for this month.And also are on my shopping list.
What products beauty products do u love?
Girlfriend by Justin Bieber, Essie 'Mirror Metallics-Good as Gold' ,Gold Nail Rock Designer Nail Wrap( u can find it on here ) , Nars Press Powder ,Lady Gaga 'Fame' , Lancome Juicy Tubes Jelly ultra Shiny Lip Gloss

Source Polyvore

luni, 22 octombrie 2012

Cute boots

Just searching for shoes on the internet and i found this amazing boots.I like this style,and i think that is kind of original style.
What do you think about it?
U can find it here

P.S:If u follow me I will follow back,just let me your link.Sometimess if i can`t find you guys,so please let me and the link,ok?

joi, 18 octombrie 2012

New stuffs

New stuffs from Stradivarius and Pull and Bear

 Sorry for the quality of the pictures,I have to buy a new camera.Until then,all i can do is to edit all my picturesc,to make them more good.
Source:This are my own pictures

About hairstyle

Almost every day i have this problem with my hair.I don`t know how to make it,which hairstyle to adopt,and i get with a bun or a pony tail.So i decide to search on tumblr and i found some ideeas.I think that now if i wanna make my hair i will just look here on this post,will be much more easy.
Maybe i will post here pictures when i will fix my hair.

Source:from tumblr all this pictures.U can see and my disclaimer
Hello guys,this is my first blog post.I don`t have what to say about me.Just I will let my blog to speack for me.
I will always check your blog if u want to,and i will always follow u back.
And maybe u will see that i don`t write so good in english,beacuse is not my language.I use english just for u guys to understand what i mean.If u like u can translate this blog in your own language,just use the 'translate' button  from the right side of the page.